Jacob Zuma to face fresh vote of “no-confidence”


South Africa’s Jacob Zuma faces a no-confidence vote this month, a
fresh attempt to unseat the president by opponents emboldened by splits
within his own party.

Zuma, who is battling a string of corruption allegations, is in a
weakened position since he was replaced as leader of the ruling African
National Congress (ANC) party in December by Cyril Ramaphosa, the
country’s deputy president.

The 75-year-old president is expected to meet the ANC’s six most
powerful officials this weekend, but the agenda of the meeting has not
been disclosed. Ramaphosa, 65, has been lobbying the ANC’s national
executive to force Zuma to resign.

Zuma, who has not said whether he will step down voluntarily before
his second term as president ends next year, has been deserted by
several prominent allies in the ANC since Ramaphosa took over leadership
of what is the only party to govern South Africa since the end of

On Friday, parliament speaker Baleka Mbete agreed to a request from
the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) for a motion of
no-confidence, though she refused to hold the vote before the
president’s state of the nation address on Feb. 8, and scheduled it for
Feb. 22.

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