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2019/ Bayelsa State Assembly Aspirant Receive Awards, Endorsement



YENAGOA/ It was awards galore for Southern Ijaw Constituency 1 House of Assembly aspirant, Pastor Ayogoi Yaibimi Simeon as he was honoured with two special Awards of Service presented by the National Union of Ogboin Ibe Students and Niger Delta Democratic Youth Alliance last Saturday in Amassoma.

In presenting the Special Award, the President Ogboin Ibe Students, Comrade Napoleon Felagha said it was in recognition of his service to the people.

“We know that he has served very well. And he actually initiated the idea of putting up a PDP Secretariat in our Ward here. And also, we have been hearing a lot of things about him. How he has negotiated with the government for the community, victims of the May 22 Amassoma crisis and so on. So that is why we deem it fit today to present an award of service to him as a students body. We are not a political party, we only go to support who needs our support. He’s also our brother, so we decided to support him as he’s coming to declare his intention as aspirant to the Southern Ijaw Constituency 1 House of Assembly elections. He’s a very good person and he’s open to everyone. I think he’ll make a good leader if given the chance” he said.

In a similar development, the Niger Delta Democratic Youth Alliance (NDDYA) led by its President Mr. Desmond Omoniyi, also gave Pastor Ayogoi Yaibimi Simeon an Award of Service for his belief and vision that the young ones should grow as well as his support for the NDDYA and philanthropy towards people.

“The man you see there is a young leader. Amassoma is already having a product, talking about the near future. I believe a time will come that they’ll recorn that a leader like this has been born. And I believe that with the help of Almighty God, he will make a lot of things happen in this community that would make the life of generations yet unborn to be wonderful and successful. Another thing that we love about him is that he has the zeal and ability to serve. I pray that God should give him that discipline and strength to do all that he has promised.

“On the issue of his aspirations to the House of Assembly under the platform of PDP, we have already given him a vote of confidence. We pray that the Amassoma and all of Ogboin Ebe people should do so by helping him because we need young ones to be at the helm of government. The era of old age is over. The people who are there as members of the House of Assembly has not done anything to impact the society. And man like this will save the situation and turn things around for the better. Therefore, we encourage the entire Ogboin kingdom to massively vote for this leader during the delegates and general election that is coming” he said.

In his response to the Awards of service presented to him by the National Union of Ogboin Ibe Students and the Niger Delta Democratic Youth Alliance, respectively, Pastor Ayogoi Yaibimi Simeon expressed appreciation and pledged to assist them as much as possible. Pastor Ayogoi who is warming up to contest the next Southern Ijaw Constituency 1 House of Assembly elections on the platform of PDP, said that he’s promising them because he knows for sure that God has ordained it for him to go to the House of Assembly.

Ayogoi who also used the occasion to declare his intention to contest said “I know for sure, and I want to declare to you my people, that I am convinced in my heart that the election for the PDP primary has been won 80%. Because I am very convinced of the massive support I have received from the voters and people of Ogboin clan. So I want to tell the Ogboin Ibe Students that the four years that I’ll be in that Assembly, I’ll make sure, because I know how I suffered to get my BSc. So I’ll make sure that I support you people, in paying you bursary in all the four years I’m going to stay in this Assembly. And I want you to write it down, that I promised this day, that when I’m there for my four years, I’ll pay you people bursary till I leave. Write it down, so that if I don’t do it, when you see me on the road, stone me. And when people ask you, why are you stoning your Honourable, show them the paper that I said you should write it down. Because when you’re a student and you’re suffering, any little thing they give you goes a long way to support you”.

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