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Amassoma PDP Meets Over House of Assembly Elections



Stakeholders, elders, political leaders and aspirants for the forthcoming House of Assembly elections from Amassoma in Southern Ijaw Constituency 1 has unanimously decided to ensure unity of purpose, progress and show understanding for the entire people in Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The decision was made during a well attended meeting in Yenagoa today.

According to a former Member of Bayelsa State House of Assembly representing Southern Ijaw Constituency 1 and Chairman of the stakeholders meeting, Hon. Kuroakegha “Kabaka” Dorgu, said that the meeting was called for Amassoma politicians, stakeholders and aspirants that are intending to contest for the state House of Assembly elections.

Hon. Dorgu said “we’re rubbing minds to see how it would be a brotherly game. Nobody should be desperate about going to the House of Assembly, we want to see how we can unite and come up with one candidate to serve the populace”

“The meeting was very successful, everyone saw how the meeting went. We all spoke out our hearts, and how it’s to be done. And every aspirant spoke. The party spoke and everyone was pointing to how we should close up the gap, so that we don’t have so many candidates that have to contest. So have to narrow it down to few members that we can manage.

“Constituency 1 is for three communities, namely, Amassoma, Otuan and Amatolo, but this meeting was held for Amassoma people, how we can move the constituency forward. Like the Governor has said, we’re right now on elections about the N’Assembly, House of Representatives and Senate. We’re not talking about the Governor now. All what we’re talking is the assembly seat in Amassoma. And that’s where we’re moving to, that’s the problem we want to solve. You see that so many people want to contest. Let us see how we can bring them together and narrow the gap”.

In an interview with TRAVK NEWS the convener of the meeting, Mr. Joseph Akedesuo said “it was all about Amassoma as a group, as a body, as a community trying to present a common united front for the next state and national assembly elections, so that we can come out of it successful. That’s why we’re meeting”.

Mr. Akedesuo who is also the Government House Director of Protocol and Chairman of Land Use & Allocation Committee said “we’re just trying to build consensus so that the candidate that emerges from the community would seem to have popular support and thereby making the election a short walk”.

On why the stakeholders meeting was limited aspirants for the House of Assembly, he said “this is my personal perception. I don’t think that the Amassoma people are keen on any of the national assembly positions as the meeting or deliberations on the meeting revealed”.

“My advise is nothing more than what I told them. I made my position very clear that coming from the May incidence, we want the community to continue to stay united, stay focused, so that we can open ourselves up to receive development as provided by the government and other sources”

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