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Beautiful lady declared missing after attending Ojude-Oba festival in Ogun



he family and friends of a lady identified as Ayelotan Mariam have been thrown into confusion and worry as she has reportedly been missing since August 23.

According to reports, the young lady had left their home for the the Ojude-Eba festival in Ogun state and never returned home ever since the day of the festival which was on August 23.

A young man identified as Ola took to the Twitter platform to share photos of Mariam, urging people to spread the news until she is found.

He wrote: “Hi guys, my friends younger sis been missing. She left home for ojude-Oba celebration 23/09 and has since not returned. Pls help us RT till she’s found

Although a few people tried to make light of the situation by pointing out the huge difference in the photos shared, other however suggested they find out if she had a boyfriend in the are. Some however fused over the high level of insecurity in the are she went missing in.

Hopefully, she is found just like the little girl identified as Elo Ogidi, who was kidnapped during a church service at a Christ Embassy Church in Oregun. To the relief of family and friends, she was later found in Benin, Edo state.

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