His Excellency,

Governor Henry Seriake Dickson,
The Executive Governor,
Bayelsa State,
Creek Haven


Warm regards Your Excellency. Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 was really not a day of smiles for the PDP family in SILGA, following the defeat the party incurred in the Federal House of Representatives seat.

The great philosopher, Aristotle once said in his thesis that, every opportunity is an opportunity for learning. However, when such lessons are on the negative; to the extent that they shrink your political dynasty, the pains of such become a scar in the body polity. So, every politician of contemporary society works to expand his or her political tentacles and because politics is a game of numerical strength. I personally resolved to be a follower of PDP, not a supporter, and I have demonstrated this in many fronts within the province of the party activities and remain a committed and faithful member despite my being in a political wilderness; bearing in mind politics is all about service and reward.

Your Excellency sir, I am personally pained and devastated by the loss of the SILGA seat in the House of Representatives to APC. This was not because APC dominates the landscape of Southern Ijaw politics, but the inability or failure by the candidate to accommodate the advice or counsel especially from the youths, whose phone calls and/or text messages were deliberately avoided. Some of us foresaw what was to happen on Saturday 23rd February 2019, between the two major aspirants (Rt. Hon. Friday Benson and Hon. Preye Oseke). Personally, I called a few stakeholders including Rt. Hon. Friday Benson to give my humble advice/opinion on how best to go about getting a winning, but he never picked my calls nor replied my text messages. I even tried to reach some of his aids at the eve of the election but no response.

Secondly, the PDP failure in SILGA, was caused by the leaders, stakeholders and your top government functionaries. They never regard we the youth; they do not involve us in their important dealings, which would eventually have same impact on us all. We have been denied of political appointments. I have personally had my fare share of that treatment; I have faced a lot of issues concerning appointments, but I keep on working for the party as a faithful member. When it is time for political consideration (appointment) they refer us as small children, but when it comes to elections we are giants.

Let me use this medium to appreciate Amb. Godknows Boladei Igali and his younger brother Hon. Baraladei Igali for attending to me and my team and work out modalities for us to participate in the election.

Your Excellency Sir, in the Nigeria politics, you know the youth are the driving force. However, in situations whereby we are not recognized as such, how would you expect the youth to stand to defend such candidates?

If you can remember sir, during your electioneering campaigns in 2015/2016, you made some inspiring and assuring promises to the youth; especially those who staked their lives to confront the federal might in the river banks of Oporoma to protect the ballots and the subsequent victory for the party. But it is rather regrettable that some of us who made these priceless efforts have not been considered seven years after.

Your, Excellency, the SILGA youth are not happy. In that statement you promised we the youth, that this time around the narrative had changed, No more ‘BABOON DEY WORK MONKEY DEY CHOP’. If I am correct, you made that statement times without number saying, ‘BAMBOON DEY WORK BAMBOON DEY CHOP, MONKEY DEY WORK MONKEY DEY CHOP’. That was your promise to us and we took it upon ourselves and delivered PDP and if such promises are kept, it would not only serve as a reward for job well done but would also give one the financial might to withstand the opposition when the need arises.

Your Excellency Sir, let us stop taking a trip to yesterday, because that is spilled milk. So, what is the way forward?

Finally, as we prepare for the state House of Assembly elections kindly use your good and noble office to address the few issues I have raised before March 2019.

Thank you sincerely Your Excellency as I look forward to your kind consideration.

*Long Live Bayelsa State

*Long Live the People Democratic Party PDP

*Live Long Southern Ijaw LGA.

Hon. Ogidi Ben Bara OBB

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