TRACKING >>The Bayelsa State Petroleum Task Force PTF said it team is going out for routine check this morning within Bayelsa State metropolis to seal off any feeling station that selling above approved price of #145 per litre.

The Petrol stations is also accused by the Task Force officials of illegally adjusting dispense pumps to read N145 while they sell for N180 per litre.

The Task Force officials, who are going out on routine inspection of filling stations in the state to ensure compliance and guard against in sharp practices among the marketers, also cautioned several stations who adjusted their metres below the normal standard and made them set it properly.

In a telephone conversation with TrackNews The State Chairman of the Petroleum Task Force Mr. Emmanuel Imosikeme Said ” I and my team will be going out this morning for inspection and we will also force some filling stations where the office learnt are always sell the product at higher rate to dispensed it to customers at the government approved price of #145.

He further said, the reason behind the sealing of filling station is that they clearly showed in their metres that the products are selling at the rate of #15-60 per litre instead of #145 approved by the government, an infraction against the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He said said, the office, during their surveillance on weekly bases, have been sealing stations that are found to be under dispensing and made them to pay penalties to Federal Government account, adding that Nigerians must not be cheated under any disguise.

According to him, “The law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as at today fix the price of petrol at #145 per litre for independent marketers and #143 per litre for NNPC stations and affiliates, and no filling station has the right to temper with their metres, any station that does that is going against the law, and such station will be penalize because the Task Force has the responsibility of ensuring that price of petrol is sold for government stipulated price.”

TrackNews learnt that though, most of the filling stations in the state sell patrol at the rate ranging from #150 and #165 per litre, but their metres sill read #145.

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