Busola Dakolo: Popular lawyer dares COZA pastor to sue, promises her financial support


TRACKING>>- Amidst the COZA pastor saga, popular Nigerian barrister Joe Abah has promised to support Busola Dakolo

– The man who is big into public sector reforms dared Biodun Fatoyinbo to sue his accuser to court

– Then, he made it clear that he was ready to financially aid the defence of the lady against the pastor

Nigerian barrister Joe Abah shared his two-cents thought on the intense issue between COZA pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and Timi Dakolo’s wife Busola. The governance and public sector reforms enthusiast made it known that he has read Fatoyinbo’s statement on the matter.

However, it would seem Joe does not exactly find the pastor’s words justifying because he challenged the man of God to go ahead with his threat to sue Busola Dakolo. According to Joe Abah, he is willing to support the Dakolos in the situation of an eventual lawsuit.

He does not intend to just cheer them on from the sidelines; he wants to support them financially as well. In his words, he said that “as Mrs Dakolo doesn’t have a church that can fund her defence, I have set aside a little money to contribute to her defence.”

Sharing a post on his Twitter page to this effect, Joe urged other Nigerians to support him as he intends to grant financial assistance to the Dakolos. See his post below:

Many Nigerians do not take lightly the words of Joe Abah. Not only did they urge him on, they also vouched to financially render assistance to Busola Dakolo if Fatoyinbo goes ahead with filing a lawsuit. One of those who gave his support was Banky W.

Recently, Former aide to President Buhari Abike Dabiri vouched support for Busola Dakolo. She even promised to legally fight for the lady by taking legal actions against Biodun Fatoyinbo.