Trump reveals when he’ll carry out threat of deporting immigrants


TRACKING>>- The US president, Donald Trump, has again threatened to deport immigrants in the country

– Trump, on his official Twiiter page, on Tuesday, June 18, said that the decision will affect only undocumented immigrants in the US

– The US immigration agency said that the move is a step towards addressing the ongoing border crisis affecting the nation

Officials in President Donald Trump’s administration were on Monday, June 17, confused when the US head of state said that he will in no time begin the deportation of immigrants in the country.

President Trump said that the decision will affect undocumented immigrants in the US. He said: “They’re going to start next week. When people come in illegally, they have to go out. Everybody is seeing that,” CNN reports.

Concerning the border crisis currently rocking the nation, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said: “The border crisis doesn’t start and stop at the border, which is why ICE will continue to conduct interior enforcement without exemption for those who are in violation of federal immigration law.

“This includes routine targeted enforcement operations, criminals, individuals subject to removal orders, and worksite enforcement. This is about addressing the border crisis by upholding the rule of law and maintaining the integrity of the immigration system, as created by Congress.”

Meanwhile, reported that Trump had officially declared interest in the 2020 presidential race as he seeks to continue his leadership despite unfavourable popularity.

Trump, American billionaire who emerged from outside Washington’s political establishment to clinch the most powerful political seat in the world, indicated he will be on the ballot once again as an ‘outsider’.