TRACKING >>In the last few days and week the media has been a-washed with many opinions on the ensuring political intrigues in the ruling people’s Democratic Party in Bayelsa as the party prepares for the fourth coming governorship elections in a few months.

The opinions are divided but beyond the various conflicting positions is the thinking that the PDP will have an internal implosion that will give the APC victory .

This expectations are wild and untenable. The reality is that like every big party there are bound to be skirmishes but given the present bad and unprecedented state of the ruling APC in the leadership of the state and the aggressive developments recorded under the restoration government its a near impossibility for anyone to contend and submit that the APC has a chance in the state elections to clinch the number one office.

While it’s undisputed that governments can be voted out of office what is essentially the premise is the weakness of the party, the poor performance index and beyond that the unpopular nature of the candidate. Today the PDP parades the best of the candidates in this election. The party has technocrats, sound legislators who had shown capacity, great academicians with an impeccable records of public performance and above all such characters that have contributed immensely to the development of this state vying for the seat of governance.

While some have even dared to predicate their argument on the wishful thinking of a titanic battle between the Abuja and home forces, what may perhaps dispute their submission is that there is no Abuja force owned by the APC stalwarts or those referred to as the Abuja PDP which can offset the balance because ultimately its the local people who will decide the game. The restoration government controls the fulcrum and that is the engine that will give power to the party.
This is the reason of the doctrine of politics being LOCAL.

The question remains who among the so called Abuja forces commands such local acceptance with the expected structure to fight the home restoration government.

While others have placed the issue of anger and distrust among the restoration team, as plausible as this narrative is the bigger picture is that the home locals are at home with themselves. They believe in that candidate who is home grown and understands their ways and predicaments; and is ready to dine and wine with their problems.

They need that candidate who is from the estuaries of Foropa community and has the burden to travel to his village using speedboat and eats Bayelsa suya on the boat with them in rain or sunshine. They want that Governor who will go to burials with them and dance and not that which will speak grammar and claim to be a too civilized breed for such cultural ceremony.

But beyond all these the simple question is that we are local people and we know what we want and we will get it.

Governor Dickson may not have done all that was expected by all or some people but what is undisputed is that he as written his name in gold plated letters. He has deepened development and that gives a clearer advantage to the PDP AND HIS POLITICAL GROUP HAS THE CAPACITY TO CHOOSE AMONG HIS MANY APOSTLES THAT MAN WHO WILL CONTINUE FROM HIS WORKS AND PERHAPS EVEN DO BETTER.

The restoration government has the ability to amend his house and create the enabling field for a candidate to emerge through a proper people oriented primaries that wills set the stage for a fierce but victorious elections that will see the PDP continue its hold to power.

The truth be told the APC doesn’t have that skillfully administered party structure and acceptance to steal victory from the ruling PDP.

While some will ask how then did they get four state assembly seats, two federal constituencies and one Senatorial seat the answers is very simple.

The elections in some of the places were outrightly rigged while others had the burden of facing a better candidates from the opposition parties and of course the issue of Intra party squabble that gave complete advantage to the APC. Some of these seats will certainly be recovered from the courts upon proper prosecution and presentation of overwhelming evidence of gross irregularities.

However the totality of such areas of control cannot give victory to the APC and the myth of federal power does not work in Bayelsa as shown in very recent past as we are a very dogged and resilient people.

These identified mistakes have been clearly corrected not to happen again to give such undue advantage to the APC party in the state .

It’s the writers opinion that the PDP will eventually give its ticket to a home grown prospective candidate who will engender mass acceptance that will crystallize to such political tornadoe that will give victory to its party.

Let all those who seem to have this assumption that the APC can remove such because even if it’s not an impossibility in contemporary times, what is sacrosanct is that elections are won with massive support, strong party structure and a well funded party structure with an acceptable candidate.

Presently the APC obviously does not parade such a character that will command such universal acceptance going by those who have indicated their interest to run for Governor . At best they are accepted within a region in the state which will not give them the victory.