By Mangrove Don

TRACKING> It has been projected that the percentage of Nigerians living in extreme poverty could increase by 2030. You will recall that a recent report by the World Poverty Clock places Nigeria as the world Headquarters of poverty. By this position Nigeria has toppled India as the country with the most extreme poor people in the world.

This is a sad narrative. Narrowing it down to Bayelsa, though with a small population has a disturbing percentage of extreme poverty that need to be strategically addressed. Every responsible government must make poverty reduction a priority.

Senator Douye Diri has a passion to make Bayelsa State more prosperous and could be trusted with the Commonwealth of the people for the development of the state.

There is no point for vague and grandiose promises of a colourful economy. Senator Douye Diri is proposing a sound, vibrant and viable economy that will embrace all sectors and explore every available resources in a passionate quest to increase Bayelsa’s prosperity ranking both as a state and as a people.

One of the fundamental reasons for our current state of stagnanted development is largely due to the mindless profligacy and the now famous street policy of “share the money.” If our Commonwealth is be shared like the unfortunate Whale that missed its navigation route, grounded on the shores of Brass Island and became a free bounty for all, it will directly or indirectly affect our urgent development. I call it urgent because Bayelsa State is still in an urgent need of development.

The SDD economic model is multi-sectoral because in creating a viable economy to increase wealth as a counter measure of poverty reduction every instrument of wealth generation must be triggered and harnesed for industrial growth to stimulate empowerment and employment opportunities and distribute wealth to every household.

The campaign slogan “PROSPERITY 2020” is the testament symbolically illustrating this political gospel of prosperity.

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