Timi Dakolo denies ‘sister’ who called him out for not helping his family


TRACKING>>Few moments ago, a supposed Timi Dakolo’s sister, Michelle Dakolo insinuated that Timi’s wife is preventing him from rendering financial assistance to his family, but the reverse is the case as the singer denied her as his sister.

Michelle had made a comment on social media indicating that the wife of any man who still helps his family after he gets married should be thanked.

She wrote: “If your brother still takes care of you/family after marriage, then you should thank his wife. He married a good woman”.

She added: “Hmmmm!!! My own even blocked me via WhatsApp because I asked him for money to start a business. But I’m not giving up on life, cos I will make it in life. I know who I am. I’m A Priesthood”.

However, in a swift reaction, Timi denied Michelle as his sister, indicating that he has only one sister – and its not Michelle!

“Make I call my papa, ask am if em get another daughter apart from my only sister wey I know. Inside the small life,” he wrote clearing himself of the allegations.

He also posted this on his page to buttress his point..

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