Delta 2023: Groups Project Environmental Activist For Ijaw Governor


TRACKING____Ahead of the governorship election come 2023, Delta Ijaws have continued to press for their turn to govern the state.

A group known as Bold Movement and Ijaws of Delta South Wake Up Call, insisted that Delta Central and North Senatorial Districts have had their turns.

The Ijaws of Delta South Wake Up group sponsored by Chief Sheriff Mulade, seems to swing the pendulum towards him to take the bull by the horn.

Bold movement is a wake-up initiative for Ijaw leaders to be awake and prepare early for a sumptuous political occasion comes 2023 governorship.

It would be an occasion that will culminate into a constitutional transition of power for hope to be restored to all Deltans.

The movement places many Ijaws on red alert to be ready, as many are dressing up as prominent sons and daughters of Ijaw nation gears up for the occasion.

Chief Mulade, a United Nations (UN) Global Ambassador, a bridge-builder and National Coordinator Center for Peace and Environmental Justice (CEPEJ), has all it takes to address issues raised by Urhobos of Delta Central who demand justice and equity, bothering on the argument of adhering to equity and justice in the unwritten zoning arrangement in Delta state since 1999.

With Mulade on the stage, the interest of all ethnic group would be accommodated and the call for equity and fairness would be answered.

Hope comes as as an appeal to Urhobos, Isokos, Itsekiris of Delta South Senatorial District and the Delta North ethnics to support an Ijaw candidate for 2023 governorship.

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