Foropah Middleton kingdom Thank  Hon. Kia For a Job Weldone In Ekeni Her Sister  Community-Plea for Renovation Of Dilapidated  Market Buildings


TRACKING____The peace loving and law-abiding people of Foropah Middleton Kingdom of the coastal area of southern Ijaw LGA Bayelsa State thank their LGA chairman Hon. Kia Ebidoughebofa Nigeria Alias Mr. Project for his efforts to ensuring that his administration carryout people oriented and Community needs driven projects in all 17 wards of the Southern Ijaw LGA, Bayelsa State. And that his administration has record her name on the good books of Ekeni Community in ward 14 for the execution of a borehole water project – provision of a drinkable water for the inhabitants of Ekeni Community.

The Youth President of Foropah Middleton Kingdom Comrade John Omonira (Babor) made this call while speaking to news men. In his words ” the chairman of southern Ijaw LGA Hon Kia Ebidoughebofa Nigeria alias Mr project has done well to carryout a project in all 17 wards of the Southern Ijaw LGA. This is encouraging and commendable as the indigenes of Ekeni Community are rejoicing over the borehole water project, ease of fetching a drinkable water. In as much as we celebrate with them as our sister Community, being one of the communities that makes up the ward 14 which Foropah happen to be the ward headquarter, we want to appeal to the ward councilor and the Honourable chairman as a matter of urgency and public interest to do something about our dilapidated market buildings as our market men and women have no good houses to shade their goods but relies on the strength of canopies and umbrellas during this rainy reason. The chairman of council is a father to all and we believe he will come to our aide”.

Market women in Foropah Middleton Kingdom thanked mr. Project for the job done in Ekeni and also sent a plea to Mr chairman for the renovation of the market houses to ease their business activities. In their voices they cried out “the chairman should please come to our aide and help us with the renovation of these dilapidated market houses as most of our goods get spoiled whenever there is heavy rain fall on market days”.

The youths of the kingdom show gratitude in anticipation for the LGA chairman hearing the cries of the market women and their youth president.

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