Wike talks better than governs – APC


TRACKING ___The Media Campaign Council of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo State for September 19 governorship election has blasted Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike of talking better than he campaigns and governs.

It also described as inane, puerile and negligible, claims by Wike, who doubles as the Chairman of the National Campaign Council of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for Edo governorship election, that APC planned to postpone and rig the poll.

Chairman of the council, John Mayaki, in an online statement, declared that Rivers governor, like his Edo counterpart Governor Godwin Obaseki, should focus on allegation of violation of human rights levelled against him.

It said: “I do not know if Wike manufactures the tales himself or if he has a team of lazy children’s books’ writers, who manufacture the claims. We are torn between answering him seriously or stepping down to match his humour.

“Let him (Wike) provide proof for anything he said. He cannot. How does the party (APC) that is not in power plan to ouster the police in Edo State?

“He meant to accuse us, but ended up insulting the Nigeria Police Force, which needs to address the disrespectful and sickening way he spoke about it. This is not the first time that Rivers Governor has demonstrated pedestrian restrain in his words.

“The inane speculation cannot hold water as we stand to gain no further advantage should Obaseki leave office. Already, the state is against the man (Edo Governor).

“You can tell from how there are more chickens in a poor farmer’s poultry than there were people at the PDP’s rally in Edo North Senatorial District.

“The sun has gone down on his (Obaseki’s) government and the moon has refused to shine. The puerile narratives containing negligible fabrications cannot save their campaign.

“Going by the dramatic way Wike has conducted himself, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown, would it be incorrect to point out that he talks better than he campaigns?

“He definitely does it better than he governs. He needs to know that their focus now should be fabricating a manifesto that can win them at least a third of the votes in Edo State. Our SIMPLE agenda will definitely get us all of the votes otherwise.”


The Media Campaign Council also stated the party was more worried about the election’s postponement because APC members knew that Obaseki was capable of every thuggish and violent trick in the book.

It noted postponement of the poll could only mean that Edo governor was up to his old tricks again.

It said: “We know that Edo governor is not incapable of playing dirty. He has even done it in times past. We just hope he is not planning to deploy violence and transfer the blame to us (APC members).

“We may not have guns and thugs but we have the truth, and we will wield it and bring him (Obaseki) down.”

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