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May Day: Ganduje govt boycotts NLC rally in Kano



There was a mild drama on Saturday in Kano State as all government officials including the state Head of Service stayed away from the Nigeria Labour Congress NLC, May Day activities.

The development got many angry with the Chairman of the NLC, Comrade Kabiru Ado Minjibir, skipping all parts in his speech indicating government presence at the venue of the rally.

Kabiru Ado Minjibir said while delivering his speech that, “It is unfortunate that no single government official was present today here including the Head of Service, but this will not stop us from doing the programme.”

The Chairman, despite the conspicuous absence of the government, urged the Kano State Government to as a matter of high premium settle the outstanding N26 billion pension, gratuities and death benefits to the hundreds of retirees.

According to Minjibir, “Today, hundreds of retirees are left wallowing in destitution and neglect while their entitlements could not be settled, months after they left service.”

The Chairman said that with the gradual economic recession the nation is falling into and coupled with the huge financial bankruptcy facing many states, it is expedient to settle all outstanding entitlements for retired workers.

He expressed displeasure over Kano returning to N18,000 minimum wage, although he acknowledged the fact that the Ganduje Government is among few who constantly settle workers’ salaries as and when due.

“Let me warn that we will not in any way accept Kano returning to the N18,000 minimum wage, we will fight any move towards that, and we have agreed with the government to let us know how much the state generates and what is there for workers.”

The Chairman also called on the government to as a matter of urgency implement the redeployment of 1,017 Staff from Head of service office to Hospital Management Board.

The NLC Chairman also called for a review of retirement age for Kano Civil servants in the state and local governments services from 40 to 65 years just like what was done to teachers at the federal level.



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