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CSO calls for urgent attention on ecosystem preservation, restoration



TRACKING______Civil Society Organisations in the environmental sector has raised alarm over the negative impact of over-dependence on fossil fuel extraction and industrial agriculture on the environment.

The Environmental Rights Action and Friends of the Earth in Nigeria, (ERA/FoEN) say there is need now more than ever to call attention to the preservation of the ecosystem and its services.

The Executive Director, (ERA/FoEN), Dr. Godwin Ojo at a press briefing said there was need to declare an emergency in the environmental sector, raise awareness on restoring nature and living in harmony with it.

“For decades, scientific evidence shows that the impacts and pressures of our productive activities related to our addictive dependence on morning and fossil fuels extraction, extensive livestock farming, industrial agriculture, gigantically infrastructure, fisheries, forestry hence these harmful activities require a rollback”

“There is the need to embark on some radical and deep transformation in global production and consumption patterns. And it requires concerted actions at local, national and international levels, with a focus on a pragmatic system change towards a sustainable development pathway before it is too late.

He said restoring the ecosystem protects and improves the livelihoods of millions of people and maintains the earth’s biological diversity.

“Healthier ecosystems enhance richer biodiversity, yielding greater benefits such as more fertile soils, bigger yields of timber and fish.

“Humans depend on the rich biodiversity for food, water, energy, medicine, clothes, building and construction materials and an enhanced capacity to store greenhouse gases from the atmosphere”

”The country should urgently develop a national 10-year ecosystem restoration roadmap, set targets and timelines in consonance with the United Nations plans, he suggested.

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