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LG POLLS!! We Won’t Refund Any Money To Aspirants Who Lost In Primaries – APC



The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Con­gress (APC) on Sunday said it will not refund any money to chairmanship and coun­cillorship aspirants who lost out in the recently conclud­ed primary elections to select candidates for the scheduled July 24, 2021 local government polls.

The state’s Caretaker Committee Chairman, Chief Tunde Balogun, and the Secretary, Lanre Ogunyemi, had in a statement on Friday, titled, ‘List of 57 Lagos State APC Chairmanship and Vice Chairmanship candidates for the forth-coming 2021 Lo­cal Government Elections,’ announced the results of the primaries.

But the results had since been generating ripples in the rank and file of the party. There were also threats by hoodlums to invade the party secretariat located on ACME Road, Ogba. The area was cordoned off by fierce-looking security operatives last week.

Some of the aggrieved aspi­rants have been pleading with the Governor’s Advisory Com­mittee (GAC), the highest deci­sion-making body in the state headed by Asiwaju Bola Tinu­bu, former governor of Lagos State and the party’s national leader to refund their money.

According to them,

chair­manship aspirants paid N2 million, plus N50,000 admin fee for the party’s nomination forms, while female aspirants got 50 percent off, exclusive of the admin fee.

“Aside, the nomination fees, we also settled party leaders and mobilise party members for the primaries. Why should they make us spend our hard-earned money when they know they already had pre­ferred candidates?” one of the aspirants asked.

But speaking with Daily Independent on Sunday, Alha­ji Tunde Balogun, the party chairman, said no aspirant should expect a refund as they were not forced into collecting the nomination forms.

He added that the party spent a lot of money in pur­chasing nomination forms, logistics and other expenses to conduct the primaries in 377 wards across the state.

“Nobody should expect any refund from us. If you contest an election, does INEC pay you back? The answer is no. So, why should any aspirant expect a refund from us?

“Yes, they paid for nomina­tion forms but we produced ballot papers and other mate­rials used for the primaries. We also spent a lot of money for logistics. So, there is no re­fund for anyone.

“Those who paid for nom­ination forms did so on their own volition. It was their choice to do so. Nobody forced anyone to pay for anything and I can tell you that the process was open and transparent.

“I have never seen any par­ty so magnanimous to allow female aspirants to pay 50 per­cent of the nomination fees. I have never seen any party that has allowed aspirants less than 40 years to contest with 50 percent payment. We did that so that we can allow as many people to participate.

Also, we allowed the phys­ically challenged to pay a meagre amount so that they too can participate. So, there is no reason for any refund. We have spent a lot of money on printing ballot papers, nomi­nation forms and lots of funds were provided for logistics.
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