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“Nigeria Is My Problem” – Singer Niyola Blames Nigeria For All Her Worries



Nigerian singer Niyola has blamed Nigeria for all her problems and worries saying she’s not okay because of Nigeria and it’s very bad.

Niyola in a tweet blamed Nigeria for being the reason for her worries and problems as things aren’t working better for anyone in the country except for the politicians and those in power who share the national cake.

According to Niyola, someone asked her whether she’s okay and she replied saying no and the person went ahead to ask what happened and her reply was that Nigeria happened to her and that is why she isn’t okay.

Niyola added that it’s a reality that she said because Nigeria happens to her from time to time and that makes her worries and problems increase more making her not okay in her own country looking at how things are going.

Niyola isn’t the only one that Nigeria happens to as it appears now Nigeria happens to all its citizens except those who benefit from it and almost everyone is crying and tired of all that is going on in the country.

Today, Twitter has been banned and no one knows what might happen tomorrow and that is the fear of Niyola and some other Nigerians making them worry and live in constant fear of their lives ending at any moment.

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