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YORUBA MOVIE LOVERS!! Adewale Elesho vs Lanko Omoba Dubai vs Sisi Quadri – Who Get Badmouth Pass?



Any comedy movie you see Adewale Elesho, Lanko Omoba Dubai or Sisi Quadri, laughter is for sure.

These 3 actors are legends of comedy Yoruba movies. They have these special skills of badmouthing people in movies.

Adewale Elesho can abuse a dead to the extent of rising up to fight. That man get mouth die!!

You see Lanko Omoba Dubai, he cannot play a role without badmouthing someone. Man is so petty, he can abuse the hell out of anybody.😂

Sisi Quadri has featured in many epic Yoruba movies and till today, he still acts in some online Yoruba Movies.

From the beginning of his acting career till date, he has been known for his badmouthing skills.

If Sisi Qadri hold you in his hands, he can use abuse to make your blood dry.

This is for the lovers of Yoruba Movies, with your knowledge of these 3 people, the question is 👇

Adewale Elesho, Lanko Omoba Dubai or Sisi Quadri – Who Get Badmouth Pass?

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