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And what is there in sex without moaning, ringtone?, by Tiwa Says



Seriously, what’s sex without the attending melody of “oohs and aahs?”

Nigerians humorously call these sounds “ringtone” as the sexual sounds are diverse and peculiar to each person.
You will be amazed to hear the sounds some people make in “za oda room”.
Moaning is an indication that you are enjoying what your partner is doing to you.

So how can you stay quiet in the middle of a hot and steamy sex session or as the case may be?

I’ve been told that some women and even men are sometimes shy to express themselves so they are silent during sex, not like they wouldn’t like to.
If truth be told, those sounds are involuntary…you know, it gets to a stage when you are lost in the passion and no longer in control, that’s when the sounds come out of their own volition.
There’s no good or bad moan, and there’s no manual that teaches one the way to moan, it’s a natural sound that flows.
It is interesting to note that sexual sounds actually have a way of heightening arousal.
Though moaning is not a requirement for good sex, it sure adds to the excitement.
I’m all for sounds and even some dirty talk.
Sex is communication.
I like to hear exactly how you feel and how much pleasure you are getting.
Yeah, some people moan or exaggerate their moans for performative purposes, especially when they are not really enjoying the sex, but want their partner to believe otherwise, which usually stems from a lack of communication.
Couples should be able to tell each other how they will like to be touched and fucked….
Sex is meant to be enjoyed not endured.
So, throw those inhibitions out of the window, have better sex…the wilder, the better and moan away.
Have a moanful weekend

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