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Wema Bank officials visit Davido in Dubai



Wema bank joined in the “fund challenge” and sent Davido a million naira.

Davido and Wema bank officials
Wema bank officials have visited Nigeria’s musicstar and latest customer Davido in Dubai.

The artist reposted a picture of himself alongside Wema bank officials and his lawyer Bobo Ajudua on his Instagram story on November 20.

“Wema bank family touch down from lagos, Ent law life will have you doing meetings at the wildest hours, @Wema Bank couldn’t not wait!!,” the Instagram story reads.

The artist who “playfully” solicited for funds from friends and fans, took to his Twitter page to post his Wema Bank account details, and in no time received millions of Naira.

Wema bank quickly joined the “fund challenge” and sent Davido a million naira.

He acknowledged the gift and publicly teased Wema bank for an endorsement in a video on his Instagram story on November 17.

Overwhelmed by the recognition from OBO, Wema digital bank Alat, proceeded to tweet despite the current Twitter ban in Nigeria.

“We heard your GOAT called our name. Well…

#ALATgoals #ALATmakessmile. #30BG #30billiongang,” Alat tweeted .

Later Davido tweeted “Wema wanna have a meeting”.

Following the series of events, fans are now “speculating” endorsement.

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