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‘You Are Hiding Your Father’ – Shatta Wale Diss Burna Boy



The rift between Ghanaian rapper, Shatta Wale and Grammy winner, Burna Boy, seems not to be ending anytime soon as the rapper has now dragged the singer’s parents into their fight.

Recall that the Nigerian singer had earlier threatened to make Shatta Wale’s life a living hell outside Ghana.

Burna Boy also insisted for a physical fight and not a rap battle in Ghana stadium which was a request made by the rapper.

Shatta Wale in his response warned the Nigerian singer against coming to Ghana, adding that he does his things himself, unlike Burna Boy who is controlled by his mum.

The rapper in a post on Twitter wrote, “You lucky I respect your mother like I go say your mother waaaaaaa. See what fame did to you.

“Your boy, Shalala, knows how much I have spent on you for seven months. I no go beat u, I go break your neck. Don’t come to Ghana. You called for this. Don’t call the police when you step into Ghana.

“Remember my mother doesn’t control my career. I run my shit street way.

“So if your mother dey watch you diss me today and she goes forgot I saved your ass up when police were all over you in Naija. Then she took error. No wonder I don’t know your father.

“I don’t think you got father training. You are hiding your father from everyone because you said you don’t want people to know he is a fitter.

“When you were on the run, who hosted you and your mother and your ashawo South African girlfriend?”

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