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#RHOLagos: Linda Ikeji was part of the reasons my marriage failed – Carolyna Hutchings 



Since the beginning of the season, Laura has openly expressed that she did not like Carolyna, but for the first time in 3 episodes, Laura Ikeji finally reveals why.

Carolyna Hutchings

At a Bohemian themed event organized by Carolyna for the Housewives, she disclosed that she did not vibe with her because Carolyna insulted her sister at some point before the show.

‘You did not offend me directly; you said a bunch of shit about my sister, and you know I’m obsessed with my sister. You go for my sister means that you and I would never be in the same place, and I would be lovey-dovey and very nice to you,’ Laura said to Carolyna.

Laura Ikeji’s sister is Linda Ikeji, a famous blogger known for sharing exclusives on celebrity life.

Carolyna blows hot as she explains that she insulted Linda Ikeji because she published stories about her child’s health issues, questioned her child’s paternity, and contributed to the divorce between her and her husband.

‘Linda lied about my age; I reached out to her. Lind wrote that my daughter was for another man, I reached out to her, and she did not care. And you sit down here to defend your family? I have a family too.’

Although Laura repeatedly apologized for the situation because she believes family is everything, it didn’t stop Carolyna from ranting and pouring her heart out.

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