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Single Tenure Not Good For Bayelsa East Senatorial District –Stakeholders



Call On Him To Re-Contest The Senatorial


We the members of the United Bayelsa East Senatorial District Forum who are nonpartisan
intellectuals, professionals, captains of industry and opinion leaders including the political class across party lines had a deep reflection and critical assessment of the setback occasioned by the convention of rotating the Senatorial seat based on only one term among the three Local Government Areas in Bayelsa East Senatorial District and do hereby state
as follows:

1. That we are loyal citizens of the Senatorial District and do not intend to appear to be
upsetting this understanding of rotation arrangement;

2. That we, nevertheless, wish to address the realities of the self-inflicted injury and
hereby call for an adjustment since only change is in itself permanent;

3. That it is no longer news that the non-return of a Senator from our District has denied
us the opportunity of having ‘ranking Senators’ who can occupy notable offices in the

4. That we do not understand this rotational arrangement to mean that the seat must shift
to another Local Government at each election and that the performance of a sitting
Senator and the tradition of ‘ranking’ in the Senate are not facts to be considered;

5. That we believe that a Senator who has distinguished himself or herself as a true representative of all the three Local Government Areas deserves at least a second
tenure before ceding the candidacy to the next Local Government Area;

6. That Senator Degi-Eremienyo has truly proven that a Senator can indeed attract and
facilitate impactful developmental projects and programmes to all the LGAs that
make up the District;

7. That Senator Degi-Eremienyo has, in his sponsorship of motions and bills as well as
sundry contributions on the floor of the Senate, shown that he represents Brass,
Nembe and Ogbia Local Government Areas equally;

8. That, similarly, Senator Degi-Eremienyo has manifested genuine fairness in
spreading developmental projects across the three LGAs;

9. That these verifiable projects include road infrastructure, rural electrification, portable
water supply, agricultural development, educational advancement and ICT, small and medium-scale enterprises, human capacity development, tourism potentials
development, etc;

10. That we, therefore, sincerely think that the Multi-Million Naira question now is
whether Senator Degi-Eremienyo has been outstanding and relatively performed very well in the last 3 years. The answer is an obvious YES, making our appeal for change well founded;

11. That we believe that a return to the Senate come 2023 will enable Senator Degi Eremienyo to pull his weight further in the Senate and bring the much-needed federal presence to the Senatorial District more than he has done;

12. That we reaffirm that Ogbia remains the LGA to produce the next Senator to succeed Senator Degi-Eremienyo under this adjusted rotational arrangement as advanced;

13.That, in view of the above, we passionately appeal to all concerned, particularly our Ogbia brothers and sisters, for brotherly understanding and accept this proposal of change by allowing and supporting Senator Degi-Eremienyo to continue and consolidate on the good work he is doing. Ogbia!!! ari-wa leiye din…, Ogbiaisisein!!!

14. That based on the forgoing, we hereby pass a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE on Senator Degi-Eremienyo and call on the Bayelsa State leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the entire members of the Party in the Bayelsa East Senatorial District to allow him a second chance to re-contest the Senatorial seat;

15. That we trust God both to grant Senator Degi-Eremienyo victory and to continue to use him to bring the much-needed development evenly to all the three LGAs (Brass, Nembe and Ogbia) in the Bayelsa East Senatorial District; and

16.That we make this statement with a clear conscience and devoid of partisan political undertones, believing that this is in the best interest of our beloved Bayelsa East Senatorial District.


1. High Chief (Rtd Major) Inikio Sam Sele-Dede – Brass LGA

2. Hon. Ayebakuro Nelson – Brass LGA

3. Hon. (Dr) Amalanyo Yousuo – Brass LGA

4. Mr Alabo Martins – Brass LGA

5. Engr Numomoipre Wills – Nembe LGA

6. Chief (Prof) Damfebo K. Derri – Nembe LGA

7. Chief Austin Aye-Martins Gboro – Nembe LGA

8. Engr Fakuma Ilagha – Nembe LGA

9. Prof Dirikon IniebioTeilanyo – Nembe LGA

10. Chief Binte Kante Isere – Nembe LGA

11. Dr Tonye Okio – Ogbia LGA

12.Mr Kogi Kengab Isaiah – Og bia LGA

13. Dr Joseph Igoro – Ogbia LGA

14. Mr Oribo Einstein – Ogbia LGA

Dated 31st March, 2022.

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