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Maxwell Odum Nigeria’s biggest crook vanishes with N213 billion



Ponzi scheme operator Maxwell Odum has vanished into the thin air after defrauding over 100,000 Nigerians of an estimated N213 billion or
$511,590,216, according to CBN rate.

Maxwell who operated a company called MBA Trading and Capital Investments Limited, based in Port Harcourt, collected huge sums from people, promising fantastic returns.

The Rivers state born crook is now nowhere to be found. He ceased posting on his Facebook on 19 November 2020, when he ran another disclaimer for another scammer ‘Maxwell Odums’, based in Lagos.

Scammer Maxwell Odum posing in his Port Harcourt office
Scammer Maxwell Odum posing in his Port Harcourt office

After the real Maxwell vanished, leaving his clients poorer, the EFCC declared him wanted in December 2021.

The agency accuses him of money laundering, Conspiracy and obtaining Money by false Pretence.

EFCC says Odum is a native of Ikwerre in Rivers State.

“His last known address is 7 Odum Street, Elekahia, Port Harcourt”, said EFCC head of media and publicity, Wilson Uwujaren.

In the meantime, Odum’s depositors are wailing on his Facebook page, as they could not get their money back.

One of the victims, Grant Ogaga Etaghara who lives in Sapele, pleaded with Odum to return his principal sum of N1,100,000.

“I need the total capital that I deposited for investment in my bank account as soon as possible:, he wrote on Odum’s wall on Facebook.

He could well be addressing a stone. He started his investment in October. By November, Odum’s MBA failed to pay him his first ROI.

Ifunanya Elizabeth Ilechukwu, who reacted to Odum’s warning about another scammer said: There’s no difference between you and the scammer… Pay people that ROI or your refund their money… criminal”

Praize Favour another victim rained curses on Odum: “MBA, my blood will be on your head. I can’t get my treatments because you refused to pay me my money. I am undergoing kidney dialysis every week, but has stopped due to lack of money. If I die my blood will forever cry against you”, he wrote.

Frank Anthony who was still expecting some redemption of his capital also wrote:

“Good afternoon, my name is Mcanthony Francis With the email [email protected] . I invested a sum of #360,000 naira and currently the investment has expired over the 6 months. But I would like to withdraw the capital which I haven’t seen on my dashboard. Pls update it thanks and send it thanks…am using that your old online platform not this new migration one.

“And pls note there was an extra 3 days in this investment….I believe that there should be an extra sum to the capital return”.

Hope Ayibo Duke discovered too late she had been fleeced as she begged for the return of her money.

“Oga I don’t want to do again please give my money back I want to pay bill if anything happens to me Nigeria should hold Maxwell Odum and his team responsible.”

When many customers suspected they had been scammed, Odum sent an online message, blaming the internet for some of the problems being encountered by the customers.

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