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“Attacks On Churches and Christians Are Unacceptable” – Buhari Warns Muslims



Mohammed Oluwatimileyin Taoheed reports,

The President of Nigeria, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, has stated that the attacks on churches and worshippers are unacceptable.

In a statement issued on Wednesday by his spokesperson, Mr. Garba Shehu, the messages of the President are passed.

Buhari stated that it was lucid that there is a planed outline by evil people to put the country under religious calamity.

The President took to the memory lane of the inglorious massacre in a church in Owo, Ondo State, and killings and kidnappings in Kaduna State, opining also that both religious freedom and diversity are what make Nigeria great.

“It is this diversity that gives Nigeria its strength. That is why Nigeria’s enemies seek to destroy it, by putting us against one another.

“We will not let them. The nation will not be distracted or divided by these obviously planned and politically motivated criminal outrages.”

The President described the perpetrators as mere cowards, weak and wicked men with guns murdering, in cold blood, innocent women and kids at their respective sanctuary.

“Seeing the crowd of Nigerians voluntarily rushing to donate blood after the attack, thronging the local hospitals, even in the midst of mourning, I was proud of my country. I was filled with hope.

“As for the cowards, they will be punished for their crimes. We will bring them to justice.”

Buhari pleaded that the citizens should endeavor to bring heads together in prayer – whether Christian, Muslim or any of their faiths.

He urged the citizens to keep admiring “what we share while respecting each other’s differences”.

“Let us show them that Nigerians will never be bullied by cowards, extremists or terrorists”, the statement added.

Recall that the Orthodox Public Affairs Committee (OPAC) has earlier condemned the attacks on Nigerian churches and christians in strong terms.

The body called on President Buhari to protect peaceful Christian population – the largest in Africa – from extremist terrorist violence.

OPAC announced that the “continuous targeting of Christians during principal religious holidays is beginning to feel like Nigerian state-sponsored terrorism against its own citizens”.

OPAC called on the United States Department of State to persist on ways to guarantee the liberties of Christians within the country.

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