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Democracy Day: Nigeria on right track to greatness – APC chieftain



Deputy National Chairman South of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Chief Emma Eneukwu has hailed Nigeria on the 23rd Democracy Day anniversary.

In a statement , Eneukwu joined other notable personalities across the globe to wish Nigeria well at the august occasion.

The APC chieftain described Nigeria as a country that has rediscovered its developmental strides, adding that the nation was very close to being Africa’s best, particularly since APC took over the leadership of the country.

According to him, Nigeria reignited her stance in the map of Africa since APC took over her leadership in 2015 and saved the country from doom.

He stressed that the time calls for Nigerians to be more patriotic in their daily activities and eschew any form of action or statement that could jeopardise the peaceful coexistence of her citizens.

Eneukwu posited the country needed cohesion amongst all ethnic groups in order to prosper as calls for succession are ideas from pessimists who are bent of causing chaos through various means just to satisfy their selfish goals.

Eneukwu said: “I want to congratulate our dear country for successfully celebrating her 23rd independence day anniversary since the inception of the 4th Republic, which started in 1999“

“It has not been very easy but God kept us moving in love, unity and progress.

“Our democracy has grown tremendously since APC took over in 2015,as our country was so divided amongst ethnicity while insurgency held its way.

“But when Apc took over through president Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria was saved from a total collapse because, We have a Pan African president that does not segregate.

“The time now calls more patriotism amongst our citizens, as we must all see Nigeria as our most cherished property, that requires stoical efforts from everybody , to make it an enviable haven for other countries in the continent and the world at large to embrace.

“We must abdicate from any activity that brings about division and must fervently, inculcate the spirit of oneness.

“The time now requires that we join hands together work for the interest of Nigeria and curb any act that encourages division as those propagating such, are doing so because of their narcissistic propensity and not for our own good.”

Eneukwu also stated the importance of giving the ruling APC more support as it is the only known political platform that has the interest of Nigerians at heart.

“As we celebrate our democracy day today, I enjoin all Progressive Nigerians to continue to support Apc and president Muhammadu Buhari’s led federal Government, a Government that has proven to Nigerians beyond the reasonable doubts that, they mean well for them.

” APC is the only political platform that has the interest of Nigerians at heart which we have all seen through our programs and policies.

“I am also encouraging us to make it a point of duty, to get our voters card as INEC has extended the registration deadline till August.

” It has become necessary because, it is the only tool that we can use to circumvent those that nearly killed this country from returning to power through the back door.

“We must work hard to protect our democracy by supporting Apc as it is the only party, that has answers to our problems and also has programmes that modifies our democracy,” he stressed.

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