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EDO: ‘Obedient’ Is Now A Name For All” – Obaseki



Mohammed Oluwatimileyin Taoheed reports,

Mr. Godwin Obaseki, who is the incumbent Governor of Edo State, has made known his concern as Nigerian youths took move for Peter Obi of the Labour Party in an accelerated number.

In an interview with African Independent Television over the recently held Ekiti gubernatorial election, he cautioned the two master political parties, namely the People Democratic Party and All Progressive Congress about the changing political atmosphere as the citizens are taking a strong enthusiasm in politics.

As seen in a video posted on the verified Instagram page of the media guru, Dele Momodu, Obaseki was seen asking, “How can PDP, the party, not win? They were not even number two,” regarding the election in Ekiti State.

He said that, “You can see that something is going on and we do not want this to be a trend. The future of our politics in this country is changing.

“I do not know whether you are closely watching what is going on; the level of disenchantment within the parties. I am sure in all of our homes now, we have so many people now who call themselves ‘Obidients’.

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