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I don’t sing for money but to win souls –Awolumate



Fast-rising gospel singer, Evang Dorcas Awolumate has revealed that her primary mission is to win souls for Christ with her melody and not to make money or fame.

According to Awolumate, who is the bandleader of Dorcas Awolumate Music Ministry (DAMM), she will never go out of her way to bill clients before ministration.

“I’m not bothered about the monetary aspect of being a gospel singer because that has not been one of my core beliefs.”

Continuing, the soulful singer said, “But with respect to the honorarium, even though we might not be as financially dependent as those in the secular music industry, we have to understand that our callings are different.

“One major difference between secular and gospel is that, not only are they entertainers, their major goal is to make money while gospel artistes are not called to search for money but to preach the gospel through music. Don’t misunderstand me; if I am given money as an honorarium after ministration, I’m not going to reject it. I will definitely accept it as part of the blessing attached to preaching the gospel. But I do not go out of my way to request for an amount before my ministration is scheduled to be.”

She added: “The world is not creeping to gospel music, I will rather say gospel musicians are the ones creeping into the world.”

On the challenges she faces in her career, the soulful singer who officially started her music career nine years ago said the greatest challenge ever faced was the aspect of acquiring instrumentalists.

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