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I’d be annoyed to see uninvited guests at my -Temi Otedola



Billionaire heiress Temi Otedola has said she would be annoyed to see strange faces at her wedding being a really private person.

The actress, who got engaged to her musician beau, Mr Eazi in April, stated this in an interview.

Temi and her heartthrob expressed their desire to have a small/private wedding with just family and few friends around as they are not cut out for a crowded occasion.

When asked, “big or small wedding?”, Temi resounded the words, “Small…chill on that!”

“Guys, so you’ve heard it. Temi loves small wedding”, the Banku music pioneer chipped in.

When told to speak more, Mr Eazi added: “I think I like small weddings because, you don’t even know like…I remember my sisters’ wedding there were so many people, I was like, “Who are all these people? We obviously don’t know these people.” So, I like a small wedding.”

Picking up from there, Temi said: “Like me, if I walk around my wedding and I’m like I don’t know this person, that’ll annoy me.

“I’m really private. Even if for a birthday party, everyone there, I have to rock with you. I don’t do any fake, fake, ‘Oh come to my birthday’, if we are not that close. It’s always squad.

“So, my wedding, if it was up to me, it’ll be family and five friends. Sorry, a lot of you would be upset but it’s gonna be tight!”

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