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Lagos commences 2022 promotion exercise



The Lagos State Government has commenced activities for 2022 promotion exercise for eligible officers.

The event, which began penultimate Monday, started with the Revised Structured Training Programme (RSTP) simultaneously in four different centres: the Adeyemi Bero Auditorium, Alausa, Folarin Coker, Conference Room, Alausa, Women Development Centre, Agege, and the State Treasury Resources Centre, Ikeja.

These centres were monitored by the Chairman and Commission members of the Civil Service Commission, including Commissioner I, Mr Adesina Odeyemi, Commissioner II, Hon.Kamal Olorunoje, Commissioner III, Mr. Babatunde Seriki, Commissioner IV, Hon. Hodewu Suru Avoseh, while the Permeant Secretary, Civil Service Commission, Mrs Boladele Dapo-Thomas, welcomed officers to the centres.

Speaking at the Adeyemi Bero, Auditorium, the Chairman of, the Civil Service Commission, Mrs Olubunmi Fabamwo, noted the RSTP was organised as part of the criteria for the 2022 promotion exercise for eligible Civil Servants in the State.

Fabamwo stated over 6000 eligible officers for the 2022 promotion participated in the cross-cutting course after which the job specific course would follow to equip them for the higher demand of service after the promotion.

According to the Chairman, the RSTP was packaged to enhance staff development and improve the job performance of Public Servants, particularly as they take up higher responsibilities after their promotion.

She noted the RSTP with its components being cross-cutting knowledge training and job specific training is designed for eligible officers in over 100 different cadres.

The Chairman also informed that the training will help the officers understand the various policies of the Lagos State Government in relation to individual job schedules and cadres.

Cross-Cutting Training, for officers on Grade Levels 7 – 12, is categorised into two namely, Performance Improvement Course II, for officers on Grade Levels 7 – 9 and Performance Improvement Course III, for officers on Grade Levels 10 – 12.

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The Performance Improvement Course II includes The Developmental Agenda of Successive Administrations and the T.H.E.M.E.S Agenda; The Public Service and the need for change; Supervisory management and basic management functions; Power and Relationships; Developing imagination and creativity; Lifestyle modification and healthy living as well as Written Communication in Public Service.

The Performance improvement course III, training organised for officers in Grade Levels 10 – 12 treated the following topics:
(a) Developmental Agenda of the present Administration and T.H.E.M.E.S;
(b) Resilient mindset in Public Service;
(c) Communication skills in the Public Service;
(d) Lifestyle modification for healthy living;
(e) 21st Century skills and service delivery; Entrepreneurial approach in the public Service and Format for Public Service Communication.
The Career Enhancement course I, training organized for Officers in Grade Level 13-14 and Career Enhancement course II, for Grade Level 15-16 treated the following topics:
(i) Public Service Communication
(ii) Writing Memos, Submissions, Executive Council Memos, Government White Papers.

A total of 2294 eligible officers from Grade Levels 12 – 16 will be participating in the RSTP virtual on the Zoom Application, for the Year 2022 Promotion Exercise while a total of 1024 officers from Grade levels 14 – 16 will be participating in the oral interview.

About 200 facilitators from the Internal Faculty of the State Public Service are partnering with the Civil Service Commission, on the Revised Structured Training Programme.

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