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Olu of Ikeja stool: Family reaffirms nomination of #EndSARS activist



The Oshoja Royal Family of Ikeja Land has reaffirmed its earlier position on the nomination of Prince Temitope Ibikunle as the next to occupy the vacant stool of Olu of Ikeja Land.

The stool has remained unoccupied since the demise of Oba Rafiu Matemi Amore in 2014. Two members of the Oshoja family – Prince Wasiu Adeleye and Prince Nurudeen Adeleye however lay claim to the stool thus brewing controversy.

But the family, led by Alhaja Taibatu Adeleye, at a news conference in January, unanimously announced Prince Temitope Ibikunle as heir to the vacant stool.

In a June 8 letter addressed to Chairman of Ikeja Local Government Area, Mojeed Balogun, signed by Alhaja Adeleye and Prince Muka Shittu Akinlabi, the family again reiterated its position on the nomination of Prince Ibikunle as successor to the throne.

The ‘Letter of Revalidation of our Stand on the Nomination of Prince Temitope Adebowale Ibikunle as the Omo-Oye of the Oshoja Royal Family to fill the vacant Olu of Ikejaland stoll’, insisted on the withdrawal of the nomination of Wasiu Adeleye and Nurudeen Adeleye.

It reads: “Following information in the public on the stand of the family as regard the above subject, the Oshoja Royal Family of Ikeja land, under the leadership of Alhaja Taibatu Onipele Adeleye, once again revalidate its stand on the withdrawal of the nomination of Prince Wasiu Owolabi Adeleye and Prince Nurudeen Adeyemi Adeleye. This decision was reached on January 24, 2022, after over half a decade of conflict without resolution between these initial nominees.

“The family as unanimously appointed Prince Temitope Adebowale Ibikunle Oshoja to stand as the sole Omo-Oye to the stool of the Olu of Ikejaland, and this decision was documented and communicated to your office in January 24 letter for your action.

“The right to the stool of Olu of IkejaLand is a collective right of the family; hence, the family has the sole prerogative to decide who represents its interest without sentiments. We also want to reaffirm that this privilege is not a right of any individual(s).

“Given the above, we will like to state expressly that Prince Wasiu Owolabi Adeleye and Prince Nurudeen Adeyemi Adeleye do not in any way represent the family’s interest any longer in respect to the subject matter.

“Hence, we admonish the government and her agencies, the public, to desist from associating with them on the account of the above. We also appeal to the government, her agencies and the public to be respectfully guided not to have any further dealings with them in this regard.

“We enjoin all authorities to treat our decision respectfully and urgently to facilitate the progress we have long sought as a community.”

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