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Agbani Darego inspired me – Ada Eme, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria winner



Miss Ada Agwu Eme, MBGN winner 2022, is truly a beauty to behold. Her story is one that has to do with not giving up your dream despite the odds. She auditioned for the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant for four consecutive times before fortune finally smiled on her, and she now wears the crown that fits. Like she wrote on her Instagram page, ” For every year I did not make it into the camp, I cried! I asked myself several times what I was doing wrong, yet still telling myself that I would not give up.” The beauty queen was at the Vanguard Hub in Ilupeju, Lagos, during the week, where she talked about her dream, aspirations and her plans after this whirlwind of travelling, meetings, appearances, and visits stop.

What was it like being auditioned for MBGN?

This is the fourth time I went for an MBGN audition. The first time I tried, they shut the doors in my face. It has been a continuous process. I have been inspired by the ex-beauty queen, Agbani Darego since I was in primary school. It’s something that has been constant in my life, no matter what I do, I always had the passion and enthusiasm toward the pageant.

How did you get into modelling?


In my first year at the University of Port-Harcourt, one of my cousins told me that I was wasting my height. Some of my friends also advised me to go into basketball, while many others wanted me to become a model. And having been inspired by Agbani Darego, I asked myself why don’t pursue a career in modelling.

When you were announced as the winner of the 34th MBGN, what was passing through your mind?

They call me the crying queen now, because they have never seen anybody cry that much. This is my fourth time, it was amazing. I felt like finally I did it. I achieved something I thought initially was unattainable. The feeling was amazing.


Did you adopt any strategy?

Not necessarily strategy. They have been doing it for the past 30 years, so they want somebody who will see and feel your card. I was myself throughout. That was what they were looking for.

You studied Peace and Conflict resolution at the National Open University, how has it helped you in the course of reign?

I know how to manage people better, which is what helped me while I was in MBGN camp, where conflicts arose from the girls. This is because you can’t stay with many people for an extended period of time without conflict but I know how to manage people better because of my education. Peace and conflict resolution comes very easy to me. This is because I grew up in a large family and I have learned how to manage people. Studying that as a course further bonded me with my experience and exposure to managing people.


After your reign is over, do you intend to go into full time acting or modelling?

I want to use my degree for something that is beyong managing people. Ada Goes to School project continues while I try to secure a diplomatic job.

How are you managing fame?

I grew up in Aba, so If you know anybody that grew up in Aba, we are truly rooted. We are grounded. I think my upbringing and my background have helped me to realise that while I am the queen, I am still Ada Eme. To remember my humble beginning has helped to navigate it.


Are guys coming?

Very well.

What are the challenges of being beautiful?


A lot of people think if you are beautiful you don’t have a brain in your head. That’s the only problem I have. But I think I have gotten more privileges than stigma. This is because people are beginning to understand that women are more than just possessing pretty faces.

There are a couple of responsibilities and work that come with the title. Could you share some of those works that you do with us?

Especially when you win the title.
Under MBGN, they send out delegates and it is a charity-originated organisation. The amount of work I do is basically communal service. It’s beyond beauty and glamour, you just have to get your hands ready to do the community service.


What has fame done for you?

Fame has thought me a lot of things, fame has opened doors for me. I like this kind of fame- when Nigeria helps you to build partnerships. Right now, I’m into partnership with a lot of corporate bodies and NGOs. Fame somehow has opened the doors for me.

What happens when the whirlwind of travelling, meetings, appearances and visits stop?


I will look for a diplomatic job and continue with my life.

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