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Interesting details about the origin and place of birth of Nigerian star Davido



Millions of Nigerians are in love with Davido Adeleke since 2011. Where is Davido from? This question is often asked by young generations and grown-up Nigerians who are curious to discover interesting facts about their loved celebrities. Do you also want to know the answer to this question? Keep reading our post below.

About Davido

You have already guessed that Davido is the stage name of the well-known artist. Davido story is exciting, and his full name is David Adedeji Adeleke.

By the way, Davido father is also famous in Nigeria. He has his own business and has earned enough money to support his family long before his children were born. Dr. Deji Adeleke is a magnate from Osun State. Unfortunately, Davido mother, Veronica Adeleke is late. She passed away in 2003. David has two sisters Sharon and Ashle and a brother, Adewale.

Since we are talking about Davido, we need to explain where is Davido from. This is an interesting question because a lot of Nigerians wish to know where is Davido from in Nigeria. However, this artiste was not born in Nigeria even though he is working here, got his education in Lagos and Ogun State and spent most of his childhood years here.

Davido is from which state

Many Nigerians already know what Davido state of origin is. The superstar was born on November 21st, 1992 in the United States of America. He saw this world in Atlanta, which is the capital of the state of Georgia.


Davido story is closely associated with the USA. His musical talents were first discovered outside Nigeria when he was studying at Oakwood University, Alabama. This was when he joined the KB International band.

Davido’s story

Seven years ago, in 2011, the debut record Back When released by Davido turned the Nigerian musical world upside down and attracted the attention of millions of fans to this rising star. People from all over Africa fell in love with this single, and the same year the musician released his second record titled Dami Duro that was just as popular and successful as his first work.

This fall (in 2018) David Adeleke will be 26 years old. His musical ‘treasure box’ includes such successful hits as Gobe, Aye, Overseas, Fans Mi, Like Dat, Nwa Baby, Skelewu and many others.


The singer is successful and wealthy. Following the steps of Davido father, the son knows how to make big money. He signed some awesome deals with well-known brands, including Guinness Nigeria and MTN, and those deals have brought him millions of Naira.

He also loves collaborating with other Nigerian and African bands and singers. He co-owns record label home HKN Music, composes songs, records and produces them.

Now you know Davido state of origin. It doesn’t matter much where talented people are originally from if they work and develop their careers in our home country.


Nigerians are surely proud of their singers and musicians, and Mr. Baddest (as some fans call Davido) is one of the wonderful music stars whose music is pleasing to the ear and heart.

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