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4 alleged intrusions by Wike on Governor Fubara’s administration in Rivers state



Loyalists of Governor Sim Fubara of Rivers state have reeled out what they say their principal has been going through at the hands of his predecessor, Nyesom Wike.
According to them, Wike, who is now the minister of the Federal Capital Territory, is still in charge of the state.
The allegations against Wike include:

  1. Appointment Approvals and Monitoring: Loyalists of Governor Fubara claimed that his predecessor, Wike, significantly influenced and approved most state appointments. Furthermore, these appointed officials allegedly have the task of monitoring Governor Fubara’s actions, possibly indicating continued control over administrative decisions.
  2. Financial Oversight and Surveillance: Allegations suggest that Wike closely watches and monitors Governor Fubara’s financial dealings. This insinuates a level of interference or oversight in the financial management of the state, raising concerns about autonomy in fiscal matters.
  3. Directives to Commissioners: It’s been purported that Wike continues to issue directions to commissioners in Rivers state, countermanding the decisions and orders made by Governor Fubara. This points to a potential struggle for control and conflicting instructions within the state administration.
  4. Restricted Travel Due to Unavailable State-Owned Private Jet: Governor Fubara’s ability to travel outside the state, whether for official assignments or informal functions, is reportedly constrained due to the unavailability of the state-owned private jet. This is due to allegations that the minister is in possession of the jet.

However, the claims require thorough investigation and cannot be validated by Politics Nigeria in terms of its accuracy.

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