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Alleged Abortions: Nigerian Army Challenges Reuters On Credible Evidence



The Nigerian Military has vowed to provide immunity to soldiers Reuters claimed to have been interviewed on the allegations of abortion programme carried out by the military if the soldiers

volunteer to substantiate the claims as reported by Reuters.

Nigeria’s Chief of Defense Staff General Lucky Irabor made the commitment when he appeared before the Special Independent Investigative Panel on Human Rights Violations in the Counter Insurgency Operations in the North-East.

Reuters had alleged in their reports that the Nigerian Army during their operations in the Northeastern part of Nigeria carried out an abortion programme leading to the termination of ten thousand pregnancies and the killing of children.

General Irabor expressed dismay about the reports saying, the allegations were mere imagination of Reuters aimed at demoralizing the efforts of the Nigerian Army.

Nigeria’s Chief of Defense Staff General Lucky Irabor

The Army General challenged Reuters to reveal the identities of the soldiers said to have given such information, adding that he has granted express amnesty to such soldiers as well as immunity from sanctions and prosecution.

The Chief of the Defense Staff said that the report was an emotional blackmail done by mischief makers who were not happy with the successes recorded in the fight against insurgency in Nigeria.

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General Irabor emphasized that the Nigerian Military are professionals who would always adhere to the code of conduct and rules of engagement in all their operations within and outside the country.

‘Operation no living thing’
Also, the Former Garrison Commander 7 Division Maiduguri Brigadier General Haruna Garba who also appeared before the panel revealed that the Nigerian Military never carried out any operation called ‘Operation no living thing‘ in any of its operations in the country.

Brigadier General Garba explained that Operation no living thing only existed in Sierra Leone contrary to Reuters reports.

According to Brigadier General Haruna, Nigerian Armed Forces were concerned the reports by Reuters were intended to smear the good efforts of the Nigerian Army in their counter-insurgency operations and its integrity in international peacekeeping operations.

He challenged the Panel to demand Reuters to bring forward evidence of their allegations.

Also, Brigadier General Tuni Isa who appeared before the Panel denied the Army’s involvement in any of the Reuters allegations.

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