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I never believe this kind of project is in Bayelsa state— pioneer APC Chairman applauds Gov. Dickson.



THE pioneer Bayelsa State Chairman of All Progressive Congress APC and current Reform APC Chairman Mr. Tiwe Oruminighe lead some steawarts of the R-APC to inspect the ongoing construction of the Bayelsa State international Cargo Airport under the restoration Government lead by Governor Seriake Dickson yesterday Friday, 17th August 2018.
Mr. Tiwe while addressing Newsmen first of all condoled with the Governor on the demise of his mother and commended the restoration Governor for a great work done.
“I have not been here, I have been hearing about the airport. A lot has been said about the Airport. I am a politician that criticizes when I am supposed to and also tell the truth when I see it”.
“What I am seeing here is unbelievable. I never believed this kind of project is in Bayelsa”.
“I am hearing it, just like I am hearing the sea port at Ageh now. Seeing what I am seeing now I know something is happening in Bayelsa State.

Airport is something that can open up a place to the world for industrial and economic activities and also it can employ a lot of Bayelsan’s and beyond”.
“I commend Governor Dickson for this serious development and I want to say he should not be tired until he finishes this serious project for Bayelsan’s”.
Mr. Tiwe said he is shocked to know the project was carried out solely by the State Government.
” I know the excellency was shocked, including me when the former president Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo visited the Bayelsa State health care center and actually got himself tested. I have been there and have seen the medical equipments, I pray the right experts are gotten to handle those facilities. Indeed the Governor has tried in terms of this Aviation development he is doing” he said.
Mr. Tiwe listed the Education sector, Health sector, the new look of the Samson Siasia Stadium which he revealed, he was one of the pioneer captains of the Bayelsa United as areas he has seen so much development on.
“The Governor is not someone that makes noise on TV, once again I want to say the Bayelsa State Government headed by his excellency Governor Seriake Dickson has done well. I am impressed and satisfied, I want to encourage him to do more for Bayelsan’s”.
Mr Tiwe said he is a believer of multi party system because it creates environment for competition.
“Our aim of bringing APC to Bayelsa was to create an environment for competition and aspire to where they want as a people but, as we speak, the leadership we failed. PDP has been able to demonstrate what politics is all about so, for me, we will criticize when necessary and praise Governor Dickson when necessary, what we came here to do is to see and encourage him do more.
Mr Tiwe as a way of advise and encourage to other APC members said: “I will encourage all APC members in Bayelsa State to see what is happening in Bayelsa quietly, which is good for all of us and tell it to the world the way it is, that the Governor is working and he is doing something for us”.
After seeing through the project site from the control room to the control tower down to runway, Mr. Tiwe rated the great works of his Excellency.
“I know all other PDP States are also trying but, me as a Bayelsan, in terms of Education, Health and Development I rate the Governor 80%” he said.
Hon. Geoffrey Ukuta of the APC also thanked the Governor for a great developmental work done.
He said “Government is not about sharing money but, its about development. The Governor has been saying it and he has done it. We say well done to him”.

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