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National Chairman Urges Federal Govt to Increase Stipends for Niger Delta Amnesty Program



New Minimum Wage as National Chairman PAP Phase II Hon, Ibena R. Salvation Urged The Federal Govt to Increase Stipends For Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty Program Phase II PAP.

The federal government and organised labour have agreed on the fixing of a new minimum wage that is above N60,000.

The agreement was reached at the end of a meeting held on Monday between leaders of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the Trade Union Congress (TUC), and representatives of the federal government.


The meeting was called by the federal government after labour commenced an indefinite nationwide strike to demand a living wage.

in the same scene
The newly elected National Chairman of the presidential Amnesty program phase II
HON.Salvation there by urged the federal government to also add more funding to the budget of the amnesty office and review the monthly stipends of the Ex_agitators,

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According to HON. Salvatiom late. President Yar’Adua signs the Niger Delta amnesty package at the presidential villa in Abuja on 25 June 2009. President Yar’Adua stated that amnesty would be granted to militants in the Niger Delta if they lay down their weapons by october 2009 and cease fire. and today the result and impact is visible of respecting the federal government plight.

and since 2009 the stipends of the Ex_ agitators are still the same we demand for further increment of stipends.. according to him the stability of oil and gas production in Nigeria is because of the submission of arms by the Ex_agitators that made it possible to this level of oil and gas production stability in the international oil and gas market and today Nigeria is enjoying that peace in the Niger Delta region.

HON. Salvation. calling on Federal Government to also know that prices of Crude oil is not that same from when arms were dropped since from 2009.. as they look into the problems affecting the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) The Trade Union Congress (TUC) and making solution to solve it also they should look into the problems and provide solution to the demands of the Ex_Agitators.


HON. Salvation Ibena Rufus
National Chairman of the presidential Amnesty program phase II.

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