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Complaint Against the Act of Tampering with our Ward Register after Submitting it at the State Headquarters on April 2023.



We the members of the above ward write to complain the manner with which the Ward Register was tampered with after it’s submission to the State in April 2023.

This was discovered after the register was returned to the ward in May 2024. The discovery was based on the mutilation and inclusion of names that was not contained in the register before the submission. Such names are (1.) Ikenna C. Chukwumerije (2.) Darlington Ohia, and others. It should be noted that membership of party starts from individuals’ respective wards. Some person’s now through the register submitted to the state included their name without recourse to their wards because of their relationship to the State. Based on what was stated above, the integrity of the register has been compromised.

It is our humble appeal Sir, that you intervene in the circumstance to unveil those behind this unprocedural act.


This register tampering by Hon Commissioner for Land & Housing Abia State ( Hon Ikenna Chaka Chukwumerije ) was done when Pastor Ceekey Igala was state Chairman of LP in Abia State.

By virtue of Labour Party Constitution article 9 on membership.

(9) iii, A prospective member applies for membership.


(9) IV, A prospective member shall register in his/her ward of origin.

The critical question both Ikenna Chaka Chukwumerije s& Pastor Ceekay Igala should answer among others are:

(A) Why was Party register kept under the custodian of state secretariat be tampered with?


(B) Who authorized the tampering & for what purposes was it tampered.

(C)What does both want to achieve by such dirty tampering.

(D) What is the interest of pastor Ceekay Igala in destabilizing Umunneochi LGA LP.


(E) Does it mean that documents in the state secretariat under pastor Ceekay Igala must be tampered with & its integrity compromised.

(F) Why did pastor Ceekay Igala not advised Ikenna Chaka Chukwumerije to go to his ward & register instead of engaging in this unholy & shameful act.

(G) Does it mean that both admitted that Ikenna Chaka Chukwumerije was not even a member of the party by not registering in his ward & wanted to cover up .



Mr. Nnamaka Madu
(Ward Chairman)

Mrs. Obiageri Chukwu
(Ward Secretary)


(1.) Chairman, National Working Committee, Labour Party, Abuja.
(2.) Abia Rep. In National Working Committee, Abuja (Mr. Obiora Ifoh)
(3.) Umunneochi LGA Party Chairman (Hon. Monday Ekee Onyebueke)
(4.) Abia North Zonal Chairman, Labour Party (Hon. Okey Ijeoma)
(5.) Mayor of Umunneochi LGA (Mr. Ndubuisi Ike)
(6.) Umunneochi Rep in Labour Party SWC (Mr. Ibebuike Obialor)
(7.) Supervisory Councilor for Ndiawa/Umuelem/Ihie Ward (Hon. Samuel Ekperedike Chukwu)

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