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How we persuaded Atiku to run for presidency – Kalu



DIRECTOR General of Atikulated Agenda 2019, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu has revealed how he and some other well meaning individuals persuaded Alhaji Atiku Abubakar into accepting to run for presidency.

Kalu in in a teleconference interview from Houston Texas, in the United States also told journalists other reasons he strongly believes that the former Vice President and presidential aspirant as a man wholly qualify for the job in all ramifications. Excerpts:

There have been side talks that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has had his fair share of governance and should go and rest and allow youths rule. So you subscribe to this?

It gives me a lot of concern when some people begin to talk down on Alhaji Atiku.

Atiku didn’t want to run for presidency at first. Some fellow statesmen and I went to see him and we tried to convince him that he should come and rescue Nigeria. He said no, because he tried it in the past and didn’t want to do it again. We kept persuading him, putting pressure on him till he caved in and accepted to come and rescue our country from this present catastrophic and tyrant government of Muhammadu Buhari.

I want it to be on record that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar accepted to run for presidency because he has the interest of Nigeria progress at heart”.

Atiku is known to be very rich and critics belive that a man of his caliber will not be able to affect the common man, just like most corrupt Nigerian politicians. Don’t you think we need someone from a more humble background who will be able to understand the challenges facing the common Nigerian?

You are getting it wrong here. Atiku started as a common man like every other Nigerian while working with the Nigerian customs, and grew up through rank and file to the rank of Deputy Controller.
By dint of hard-work and diligence he became an astute business man, and with the wealth of experience he gathered both locally and internationally, he became first a governor of his state and then the Vice President. All these he achieved through hard work and dedication to service.

Go and read about him. We need a man who is capable of making Nigeria a first class nation. A man capable of restoring our country’s lost glory and even the ones we have always yearned for.

Atiku has earned his wealth, and if he didn’t, someone should please present any evidence of wrong doing , he has repeatedly said that but no one has ever came up with any issue of corruption against him, so all these misfiring should stop. It’s like me here working my head off, building my empire and one day someone comes forward to accuse me of being corrupt.

There are other politicians who are younger and are believed to be more competent. Don’t you think it’s high time younger men take the presidency?

Let me drop this here so that posterity may bear me witness. If we mistakenly fail to elect this man, Nigeria will collapse completely as a nation. We must avoid this. Look at the USA, President Donald Trump started like Atiku from a humble beginning, he was into business with his father. Today he is president if the greatest nation in the world , making America great again. How old is he? It’s not about age my dear, it’s about competence. That’s the kind of history we need to narrate about Nigeria.

What if someone else defeats Atiku in 2019, would you support that person?

That question does not arise at all. Unless he pulls out of the race, he will certainly win. Can’t you feel it in the air already? APC and Buhari are only marking time and by May 29, 2019, they will pack out of Aso Rock. We already have a new president, it’s just a matter of time because it’s God almighty who chose Atiku and he will not lose.

I challenge Nigerian to give this man a chance so that we can see a new Nigeria, and our generation will live to enjoy this nation once more. Those sitting on the fence should join us and support him. Do not get sentimental, let’s collectively send Atiku to work for all Nigerians, so that our youths will gain employment once graduated from college, our artisans will be trained to work in their areas of specialities and while the sporadic killings will stop and our country will be peaceful once more.

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