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I will only borrow for production – Peter Obi



…To Declare War On Power Sector

Obi made this clarification at an interactive forum with the Nigerian Guild of Editors, NGE, in Lagos yesterday.

He said: “I never knowingly or unknowingly, offered anybody money to become president. In all my talks with Kwankwaso, I never offered him any money.”


The former Anambra governor also clarified that nobody was funding his campaigns, saying “nobody as at today will say he’s funding Peter Obi. I’m funding myself. I don’t pay people to work for me.”

Foundational problem

Speaking on how he would transform Nigeria from a consuming to a producing country, Obi said Nigeria’s problem was foundational.


He noted that the first thing he would do if elected would be to ensure that the country fed itself.

“We must get the country to work and all it requires is leadership and I can do it,” the LP standard bearer said.

On whether he would borrow to execute his programmes in the face of the rising debt profile of the country, Obi maintained that there was nothing wrong in borrowing if it was channelled into production.


Borrowing for production

“Nothing is wrong with borrowing if invested properly. Every nation in the world that I have studied borrow. The problem with borrowing is what you do with the money. It’s okay to borrow for production but there’s a problem when you borrow for consumption.

”I will only borrow for production and I will explain to Nigerians why I’m borrowing. I must talk to the people because the job of a leader is to communicate with the people,” he explained.


While stressing the importance of the rule of law, Obi disclosed that he would invest in intangible assets, such as education, to drive the economy and attract foreign investors to the country.

War on power

He also promised to declare war on the energy sector, with the aim to improve electricity supply in the country.


Obi said: “I will declare war on power. It’s possible to have steady power supply because power generation is not rocket science.

”We will change the narrative by bringing people who know and understand the system to turn things around for good.”

Affirmative action


The presidential hopeful assured that women and youths would be well represented in his government, as he would implement the Beijing affirmative action and Bangladesh model.

“Women are more productive than men and if they decide to do something, they do it well. We will involve women and youth in my administration and channel that population into production”, he said promising to create an atmosphere where about 50 per cent of women will be included in the national productivity,” he said.

Provide solutions


On what the people should consider while making their voting choices, Obi said: “Nepotism is a higher corruption than bribery. Next election is not about tribe or religion. Tribalism and religion are the confusion the elites deploy to deceive the people.

“Please, don’t vote for me because I’m an Igbo or because it’s my turn. I’m a Nigerian contesting election as a Nigerian. So, scrutinize all of us and verify what we have done in the past. Nigerians should vote for a character they can trust, competence and ability to start doing the right thing.”

“The job of a leader is provide solutions and not excuses. If elected, I will not give excuses but results. Therefore, I want Nigerians to hold me responsible if anything is not going well under my leadership.

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