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Situational Loyalist Councilors Of Warri Southwest LGA.



It is a public knowledge that, we have a few councilors whom have demonstrated in many ways that they are no longer loyal to the party.

It will be a disservice for the party to feign ignorance of the fact that they have decided to work against the party for their personal interest.

It is unfortunate that they have resorted to insulting the party leadership and the party faithfuls that gave them the need support to enable them emerge as candidates. This same leadership gave them money for their task clearance and sorted out every necessity in other for them to meet requirements to be councilors. It is shameful of some youths whom only become aware of challenges we face yesterday to now muster insults on the leaders that has be shown capacities at different levels in almost 40 years.


It’s utterly sad, disgraceful and disrespectful that, in the whole of the state, they are the only ones who go around insulting their leaders who made them and such characters are inimical to any responsible person.

These sets councilors with this sort behaviour hiding under some hideous issues can only be termed cash out councilors. There’s no record of what they have personally done for the party or the community from their benefits as councilors. They have no record on personal contributions towards resolving the Aladja/Ogbe-Ijoh crisis. But yet, that has become an excuse to insult our reverenced party and leaders. The leadership of the party will not tolerate and continue to associate with pretentious characters and situational loyalists, who are only loyal when the going is good for them.

The same party that have made them to pay their bills, achieve marriages, fed their families and built houses, is what they suddenly now think does not have the interest of people because it refused to serve their personal desires. A party that have practically made them. They can quietly go to serve other parties without insulting the party and the leaders.


Also, It is a public knowledge that they were not the most contributors to the party’s success yet they were made councilors. There were far more deserving and party faithfuls whom have served meritoriously, yet they were chosen for very peculiar reasons known to many.

However, what the party will not entertain, is the interests of an individual or group that think their personal interest supersede the interest of the party and the people. We will continue to hold dear the collective interest of the party and its people above any individual or group.

Moreso, we want reiterate our confidence in our leadership as no party, kingdom nor association succeeds without a committed leadership like ours. We have resolved to continue to repose our absolute trust in the party leadership.


To the those other councilors whom are doing anti-party activities in their secrecy, we want to let you know that we are aware of your activities and we are watching keenly.

To the general public, please, be aware that, there are those whom are not members nor have any sort associations of our party, now decamping to other parties under the false pretense of former PDP members. The results of elections will show how their noises do have zero effects on the elections.

Meanwhile, we want to urge our party faithfuls and teeming supporters and well wishers of our party not to deter in their optimism and utmost faith in the party’s victory at the polls on the March 18th governorship and house assembly elections. We know by the grace of God, we will win the elections and their Labour will not be in vane.


Finally, we want to use this medium to wish our brothers whom have found new brides in other parties, the very best in their future endeavors.


Chief Sylve Tiebebedigha
PDP Secretary, Ward 1,
Warri south west local government,
Delta state.

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