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State of the Nation: Conference of president generals of Niger Delta Ethnics Nationalities



Section 14 (2b) of the 1999 Nigeria Constitution as amended, states that the welfare and security of the citizens shall be the primary purpose of the government, thus government at all levels owe the people a constitutional duty to protect their lives and properties, irrespective of their ethnic, religious and political affiliations.

The call for self-defence in recent times has begun to gain traction from all quarters of Nigeria due to the recent surge in economic downturn, insecurity ranging from, terrorism, banditry kidnapping , herdsmen and farmers clashing and gun violence in North-West, with governors, National Assembly members, regions and ethics groups and most recently State calling on government to take action to save the nation.

In view of the foregoing, Conference of president generals of Niger Delta Ethnics Nationalities Meeting to critically reflect on the security , and hardship challenges confronting the country, particularly the recent economy downturn, and q security and proffered workable recommendations for effective response to them.

The meeting was held on 7th February 2024 at the extraordinary meeting of the Conference of president generals of Niger Delta Ethnics Nationalities in Port- Harcourt River State attendance leading civil society organisations, academia, community-based groups, the media and the public.


TrackNews reporter who was at the venue said, that the communique are in three segments , Economy of the nation Nigeria, Herders/Farmers clashes, oil theft, and Security. The reporter recorded that the crucial meeting was presided over by the Chairman, Professor B. O. Okaba who also doubled as the President Ijaw National Congress and it had President Generals of other ethnic nationalities of the Niger Delta region in attendance.

The meeting had incisive moments on scrutinizing issues of tempered national concern particularly as it relates with security, economy, environment and governance in general. Of course, with the portfolio of issues, which touches on the continued existence of our people, far reaching resolutions were made as follows:

The meeting strongly noted the excruciating pains resulting from the nation’s economic
downturn that have seemingly defied all known clerical and sublime interventions. The
macroeconomic tendencies that have obviously made life unbearable with astute law standard
of living has also earned us this awful capital of multidimensional poverty.

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Further, the Nigerian currency has had unprecedented rate of fall that is short of description
by modern day economist. On this note, the meeting demands that Mr. President and his entire economic team should
demonstrate cerebral capacity beyond the seemingly moribund economic theories and deploy
contextual and radical practical steps that will provide both short and long term succour.


The meeting has considered the farmer/herder clashes as topical. This owed to the fact that
the Niger Delta people traditionally relied on farming as a source of livelihood whether
conducted at the subsistence or commercial scales. A situation where our people can no longer
get engaged in their farming due to Fulani herders’ brutal and unwarranted attack is not only
as affront on our economic wellbeing but inimical to our continued co-existence. The Fulani
herders have conducted themselves in the most barbaric manner that take killing of our
innocent people as a spice on their herds occupation.

Mr. President, we are making a strong call on you to save us from the menacing presence of
the Fulani herders which we believe cannot be above the laws of this nation. We reiterate that
this is one provocation too many, therefore will not be willing to continue to sorrow for long.
The conference noted that the degree of insecurity within the confines of the nation has assured a satanic dimension. They have lame

While the conference appreciate the steps adopted so far by the Federal Government to halt
Oil Theft, protect and secure critical infrastructures within the region, particularly the
engagement of indigenous private security firms, the need to expand the initiative through a
more inclusive strategy is strongly canvassed.


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An inclusive strategy targeted at enlisting the nationality with in-depth and comprehensive
understanding of the geography of the region. This will guarantee full and all-embracing
community participation and engagement.

The conference further resolved to ensuring unalloyed support for the government of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria with deep sense of recognition for equity, justice and fairness
which are the core features and recipes for building a socially cohesive and vibrant nation.

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